2023 *New* Best Rathaus Level 9 Base

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Rathaus Level 9 Base

You will find all kinds of different defensive base layouts on this website that will help in both anti-air and anti-ground attacks. 



Rathaus level 9 Base









Hey friends If you are looking for a new and improved layout for your Town Hall 9, then you have come to the right place. 

Clash of Clans Rathaus 9 Base


How Do You Copy War Base Layout in COC?

If You Want To Copy The Base Layout Of Town hall 9 of Your Clan Member, Then For That You Have To Follow Some Steps.

Step 1 :- First Of All You Go To My Clan Button Then Select The Member Whose Base You Want To Copy.

coc step 1

Step 2 :- Then You Visit His Village, You Will Find The Copy Button On The Right Top Side And Copy The Base By Clicking On It.

coc step 2

What Should I Upgrade First When I Get to TH9?

What you should upgrade to TH 9 first depends on your game. But after upgrading to TH 9, you should upgrade your heroes first. Because of the heroes, I get a lot of help in doing farming. Heroes also increase the power of your army.

More base layouts:-

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