Introducing the Books of CLASH by SuperCell

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A brand new series of kid-friendly graphic novels set in the world of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

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Introducing the Books of CLASH

Supercell has always been committed to focusing on player sentiment. In order to offer players more opportunities for engaging with our games, we provide them with more ways to go deeper into the worlds of our games and spend time with their quirky cast of characters.

We have recently formed our Entertainment & Partnerships team to help us take a more global, systematic approach to bringing worlds and characters from our franchises to life outside of games. One of the first things we’re excited about is The Books of CLASH, a series by Gene Luen Yang that will span 8 volumes and be an award-winning New York Times bestselling set of books.

“When I played my first Supercell game, Clash of Clans, with my family many years ago, I was hooked. The game is fantastic from start to finish—and not just the mechanics of it, but also the characters and world. I am so excited to work on this graphic novel with my team! I can’t wait for graphic novel enthusiasts to see all we have in store for them.”

We’re always on the lookout for creative talents who share our love of CLASH, and Gene is no different! His pitch for his series showed us how much he cares about the world and characters, and we’re excited to see what he can do.

Volume 1 – Books of CLASH

The first volume in the Books of Clash series follows the journey of a Hog Rider named Terry and his Hog Pim Pim, as they leave the comforts of their Village and embark on an adventure. They’ll face legendary battles, make unlikely new friendships, and suffer from some unforgivable family betrayal. Visit to read a free sample and pre-order Volume 1 today!

We’re excited about the Books of CLASH, and we’re working hard to bring more great stories and products to our fans. Stay tuned and CLASH on!

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